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Nowadays dentistry can offer you a modern method of solving your prosthetic defect (condition either after losing a tooth or congenital missing) – the implant. The implant is a kind of artificial root on which it is possible to fix the prosthetic denture. Only a person who is generally healthy can be operated (does not suffer from any general disease) and who maintains perfect hygienic condition of his/her oral cavity. If you want to approach implantation it is necessary to be aware of the fact that you have to care for the denture with the implant more than for your own teeth. The operation is being performed with local anaesthesia. Unlike the classical orthotics where there was  necessary to abrade the surrounding teeth quite substantially in case of the fixed denture, or to give up the comfort of fixed teeth in case of the removable denture, the implants bring adequate compensation of lost teeth with the impression of your own teeth.


Cylindrical implant is a modern kind of the implant and is very similar to teeth roots. In our surgery we most often use top quality Swiss implants produced by the STRAUMANN company which prove Swiss precision and guarantee worldwide life service. In addition, thanks to the special SLActive surface the period of osseointegration after which the implant can be loaded is shorter. Moreover, the second operation phase is usually not necessary. These implants are suitable for replacing all prosthetic defects from single teeth to major defects or full dentures. The risk of failure exists as the implant does not always “heal in” and it is impossible to estimate it in advance. However, the risk of failure is relatively very low (about 2 – 3%).


We have been dealing with implantology since 1992 and have thousands of patients treated with implants. Every year we place over 200 implants for which we make prosthetics. We are an authorized implantology surgery and we are licensed for providing dental alveolar surgery.


When you visit our surgery we will make implantology analysis with the budget for you.

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